Welcome to the development page for Scene2D, an open source 2D scene graph focused on game development.

Scene2D is designed to be an expressive API that developers can use to produce 2D and pseudo-3D games and applications. It provides an interface that allows for rapid development of the graphics and mechanics of a game or application.

Scene2D renders using OpenGL and can be used on its own or with a provided back-end (e.g., GLUT, Cocoa, Win32). The following source code displays the use of the GLUT back-end to get a simple window up displaying a circle:

#include "Scene2D.h"

class MyGame : public DrawBox
    void setupScene()
        setWindowTitle ( "My Game" );
	Circle *circle = new Circle ( 50 //Radius
                                      24 //Steps

        //move the circle:
        circle->Xform.translate ( Vector2f ( 200, 
                                             200 ) );

	root.attachChild ( circle );

MyGame *app = new MyGame();

The above code produces the following result:

Note that there is no main method required.

Scene2D is licensed under the BSD license and makes use of the following libraries:

  • Box2D
  • qhull
  • boost
  • Adobe GIL
  • FTGL
  • freetype2
  • Simeon Nasilowski